Own your business!

By becoming a Diginz sub-franchisee, you can become the owner of your own business and achieve substantial earnings. When you lease a Diginz sub-franchise, you don't just pay for the software. You also gain access to Diginz's 100% responsive and Google-friendly design, along with the privilege of receiving a 50% to 65% discount on all services provided by Diginz. This advantage allows you to compete in the market without struggling with pricing strategies. Before creating a sub-franchise, you must have your own domain name. Apart from that, your website will be hosted on premium, scalable, and actively DDoS-protected professional servers, with no additional cost required. You will have an easy-to-use management panel that is 99% automated, placing everything at your fingertips. Orders and services will be automatically synchronized.

Premium Theme
Best premium Diginz theme.
Unlimited all functions.